NYC Times Gets On Board With Coffee & Your Health

So we've been saying this for years. Coffee is actually good for you.

Like when we shared this study;

Higher coffee intake was associated with a modest decrease in risk of melanoma in this large US cohort study. Additional investigations of coffee intake and its constituents, particularly caffeine, with melanoma are warranted.


Or this one;

A number of research studies have shown that coffee helps to protect against breast cancer. A new study led by Lund University, has confirmed that coffee inhibits the growth of tumors and reduces the risk of recurrence in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and treated with the drug tamoxifen.


And then there was this bombshell;

“Coffee consumption was associated with reduced risk of total mortality (3-4% lower mortality with 1 cup/day), especially cardiovascular mortality.” and “Consumption of coffee within the moderate range (3 to 5 cups/d or up to 400 mg/d caffeine) is not associated with increased risk of major chronic disease…”


Now the good ole' New York Times is jumping on the coffee + health = good bandwagon.

Welcome aboard ya'll.

In a recent article written by Aaron E. Carroll for the "The New Health Care" section of the online NYC Times, he concludes;

It’s way past time that we stopped viewing coffee as something we all need to cut back on. It’s a completely reasonable addition to a healthy diet, with more potential benefits seen in research than almost any other beverage we’re consuming. It’s time we started treating it as such.

Ah thank you very much & good night.

If you want to read his full article here ya go.

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