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We love our customers, small and large and every once in a while we enjoy spotlighting one, this week we talk with Coffee Wholesale USA.

Recently, we caught up with Dave Mueller, Operations Manager for Coffee Wholesale USA to learn more about the company.

INTERVIEWER - Can you share with our readers a bit about Coffee Wholesale USA?

DAVE - We are focused on providing the ultimate coffee experience to the average consumer. We sell our products at a wholesale prices without any membership requirements or strings. We pride ourselves on being a leading provider of top brands of coffee, tea and equipment.

INTERVIEWER - What year did our business relationship begin?

DAVE - Coffee Wholesale USA has carried San Francisco Bay products since 2012.

INTERVIEWER - What were the reasons CW chose to purchase our products?

DAVE - At a time when we were searching for the next big brands and favorites, we were intrigued by San Francisco Bay’s innovative flavors and environmental standards. Your company has a commitment to quality that mirrors our own.

INTERVIEWER - What keeps CW with San Francisco Bay Coffee?

DAVE - We have watched San Francisco Bay Coffee grow into one of America’s most recognizable and favorite brands of coffee. We are proud to carry your products and help you continue to grow.

INTERVIEWER - What does the future hold for Coffee Wholesale?

DAVE - Coffee Wholesale will continue to carry America’s favorite coffees and teas. We plan to expand our products to embrace current trends and novelties. Our future has a bright online presence and a supportive community of coffee lovers.


Thanks to Dave & Gloria of Coffee Wholesale USA for making this interview possible.

Learn more about Coffee Wholesale USA.


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