Patriot's Day - Celebrating The Original Heroes


There is real value in remembering where you come from. The origins of your family tree, your personal upbringing, and as a country.

We know from history books the sacrifices that were made by the early colonials, allowing us the freedom to fight over things like, our right to brew whatever coffee we prefer. It is easy to forget what it means to truly fight.

Today is Patriot's Day, mostly celebrated on the East Coast, it is a day to commemorate the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. These two battles were the result of an oppressive rule controlling the lives of people an ocean away.

After the Boston Tea Party, the British rule changed the Massachusetts government, leading to a Patriot "shadow government" that began making preparations for battle using militias.

The brave militiamen kicked off the revolution on April 19th, 1775, in what Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to as, the "shot heard round the world."

The ripples of their actions are profound and not entirely known. What we do know is that the Boston Tea Party lead to a shift in the preferred drink of Americans - enter coffee. And of course, a revolution that resulted in our modern-day democracy.

Without those two outcomes, we don't exist.

If coffee wasn't the preferred American beverage, Jon Rogers doesn't move his entire family to San Francisco, and he and Barbara don't start San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee, and I don't have a job. Because of this job I am able to tell you these stories, which allows me to feed and cloth my family. Not to mention the other 200+ folks working directly for Rogers Family Coffee Co. and the thousands of farmers who rely on this company to provide for their families.

Today, whether you are running the Boston Marathon, relaxing at home, or are hard at work, take a moment and give a cheers to the brave folks that gave their lives to a cause, so that we could reap the benefits.


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