Proud To Be In Placer County, CA.

Our origin story begins on the East Coast 30+ years ago when a determined Rogers family decided to make the big move from East to West landing in San Leandro, California. It was there San Francisco Bay Coffee was born and grown.

7 years ago the Rogers family made the decision to bring our growing company to the Placer County region making Lincoln, Ca. our new home.

The community of Lincoln and the greater Placer County region have embraced the San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. and we couldn't be happier here.

Most of our employees moved with us to this wonderful area and they are thriving.

With proximity to the mountains, the ocean and everything in between, Lincoln and Placer County give families all they need and more.

As a life long resident, I have seen much of the area and experienced all it has to offer, but the video below, produced by the Placer County Office Of Economic Development, gave me a new-found pride for the region.

Give it a look and experience the place your favorite coffee company calls home.

THIS IS PLACER from Placer County Video Portal on Vimeo.

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