Raley's Moms Panel Touring Rogers Family Coffee

Raley's Mom's Panel Visit and Coffee Cupping Tour

Raley's Moms Panel Touring Rogers Family Coffee

Last week, we welcomed the Raley's Mom's Panel to our roasting plant in Lincoln, California.  During the visit, they toured around the facility to where their local Raley’s brand coffee is roasted and produced.  As a part of every plant tour, the moms partook in a cupping session in which they sampled our upcoming flavored offerings of Raley’s Seasonal Coffee Blends.

You can read more about the experience from one of the participants herself, right on her blog Noels Kitchen Tips. She gives a great accounting of the tour along with her personal adventure. Here is an excerpt:

Before the coffee beans are roasted in Lincoln, CA, the beans begin a journey from the Rogers Family farms in Panama and Mexico.  (I would love to see their farms.)  Once they arrive at their facility in Lincoln, CA, the roasting process begins.  The whole process is amazing!  We learned from Pete Rogers,  about “tetra prieta” -  their innovative and eco-friendly technique for improving soil quality on their organic, shade grown coffee farms that dates back centuries.

For information regarding our tours, please refer to the Roasting Plant Tours page, or call us at 1-800-829-1300.

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