The Daily Ritual

Why Your Morning Coffee Ritual Is Keeping You Sane

The Daily Ritual


I awake with sleep in my eyes. Slowly sweeping my legs from under the covers and onto the floor, I creep to the bathroom and begin my morning ritual of cleaning, grooming and preparing for the day.

We each have our rituals, our habits, our set methods for accomplishing the daily, somewhat mundane tasks that are required of us to join civil society outside of our home. The most common, yet in most cases dramatically different ritual we perform each day is the Morning Coffee.

"I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee"


There is safety in ritual, you know the outcome and perform the tasks with just muscle memory. For some, the ritual is to ensure the outcome, for others the act of the ritual itself provides a sense of balance and control in an otherwise out-of-control world.

Coffee has been a morning ritual since its discovery. First in the form of beans, and then the wonderful liquid we enjoy today. (Read about the History of Coffee.) But when and more importantly why did the morning cup of coffee become so important to so many?

To dive deep into this question, I asked a few prominent coffee bloggers about their morning coffee ritual and the importance it plays in their daily life.


Kallie, ButFirstCoffee

First up, Kallie E. from 

1.       Do you have a set process in the morning leading up to your coffee ritual?

Not really.  I mostly just want to get it ready as soon as possible.  However, when I have my first sip I like to be sitting down relaxing, so if I have a chore to do first thing in the morning, I usually do that first.

2.       When preparing your coffee, does the process always look the same? i.e. (Fill cup ¼ with creamer, fill with coffee halfway, stir, fill cup)

I drink my coffee black, so it's pretty much pour in the cup and go!

3.       If you can’t prepare your coffee your way, does your morning feel slightly off?

If I don't get a good cup of coffee, I'm definitely off, but it doesn't have to be made by me, specifically.

4.       Do you have an “in-home ritual”, “in-coffee shop ritual” and “elsewhere” ritual?

My at-home ritual is different since I make my coffee in a French Press.  It takes a little longer, and tastes a little different.  In coffee shops, unless it's my morning cup, I will sometimes defer from coffee and go for a double espresso shot.

5.       What makes coffee so important to you, beyond the need for caffeine?

For me, coffee is comfort.  Both my parents are big coffee drinkers so the smell of fresh coffee makes me feel comfortable and at home.  While I use it in the morning to wake up, but I also use it to relax.  It's basically like my version of comfort food.

6.       Do you think that the ritual of coffee is based strictly in habit or is there something more to it?

Oh no, there is something more to it.  And, I don't know quite how to articulate what that is, but it is not done just out of habit, not for me.


Whether your morning coffee consists of standing in front of the drip while tapping your feet, or meeting friends at the local coffee shop, the ritual itself is as important as the beverage. It grounds us (no pun intended) in the normal and solidifies a primal connection we need to have with ourselves. For within that ritual, we are the master. We have the power, and we control the outcome.

As you come to the close of this article, consider your Morning Coffee Ritual and the importance it plays in your daily life. You never know, in that ritual may lay the secret to happiness…or if nothing else, at the end of the ritual you get some coffee, which is pretty great.

What’s your morning coffee ritual? Tell us in the comments below.


Mine is the same each work day.

  1. Arrive at work
  2. Check emails
  3. Talk with boss
  4. First cup 30 minutes after arriving.
  5. Grab coffee cup & wash out the previous day’s leftovers
  6. Move to coffee bar, grab a Fog Chaser OneCup.
  7. Place in brewer
  8. Pour 2. Not 1. Not 3. 2 Coffee Mate French Vanilla creamers into cup.
  9. Grab wooden stir stick, place in cup
  10. Place mug in position and turn on brewer. 10 ounces. I like to see a fuller cup.

That’s my ritual, which I perform twice a day sometimes 3, but I always regret having the third cup and I never finish it.




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