Kids in Coffee Community

Rogers Charitable Fund

Kids in Coffee Community

The Rogers Charitable Fund is the non-profit wing of our Community Aid program, founded in 1994 by the Rogers Family Company (formerly JBR Gourmet Foods). Through it, we donate all of our funds to our partner communities for our charitable works such as building schools, living spaces, clean food preparation areas and sanitary bathrooms.

New Community School

We created our Rogers Charitable Fund because over the years, we have had many customers ask how they can more directly contribute to our Community Aid program. We direct 100% of all funds to programs that improve the living conditions of farmers and workers as well as provide educational grants to deserving students from coffee growing communities. Because we administer the fund ourselves, not one cent of your donation goes toward administrative costs!

New Housing for Community

With your help either through purchases of our coffee or more directly with direct donations to the Rogers Charitable Fund, we will have many more successes like the one above. If you are interested in donating directly to the Rogers Charitable Fund, please contact Barbara Rogers at 1-800-829-1300.


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  1. Brian Tyler 7 May, 2015 at 11:20 Reply

    This is a incredible organization and the work that you guys are doing is worth supporting.

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