Free Coffee For US Troops

Rogers Ships Coffee to Military Hospitals

Free Coffee For US Troops

Building on its legacy of supporting U.S. troops serving overseas including Afghanistan and Iraq, the Lincoln, Calif.-based Rogers Family Company is adding hospitalized military personnel in combat zones to its list of military units receiving free coffee from the gourmet coffee roaster.

In the new initiative, The Rogers Family Company is concentrating on brigade hospitals in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Rogers Family Co. which produces ˜Responsibly Grown/Fairly Traded gourmet coffee and tea sold worldwide sends coffee to wounded soldiers as well as hospital staff who work in extreme circumstances.

In the past decade, The Rogers Family Company a family-owned and operated international gourmet coffee roaster has shipped some 700,000 bags of coffee to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and on ships at sea, established a program that provides permanent free shipping to troops for online orders, launched a Letters To Our Troops contest and contributed to the care packages of Operation Gratitude ( and Adopt A US Soldier (

We are honored to bring a small taste of home to these brave men and women who have taken a bullet, a piece of shrapnel or otherwise been injured or fallen ill while serving their country in harms way, said Rogers Family Company President and Founder Jon B. Rogers, a former U.S. Army officer who served in Europe. The hospital project in Afghanistan and Iraq underscores our appreciation for the hardships the troops endure every day.

The new initiatives involve collaborative efforts with additional volunteer, nonprofit organizations including Soldiers Angels - which supports the work of military base chaplains - and Homefront America, Inc. ( which sends coffee to troops through a program called Wounded Warriors.

Homefront America is honored to be part of the Rogers Family coffee program, said Arthur Hasselbrink, president and co-founder of Homefront America, Inc. I know our military men and women appreciate the support. The coffee comes in real handy, especially during those late night duty watches.

In addition, the company has launched a new program with Adopt a US Soldier which it has supported for several years - called Operation Front Line. This program pools items from various sources and prepares gift baskets for soldiers in Forwarding Operating Bases (FOBs) - the front lines - and more importantly to remote Combat Operating Bases (COBs) where supplies are limited. The baskets will include gourmet coffee and tea.

The Rogers family has also sent postcards and 232,108 bags of coffee for the past two years to troops via Adopt a US Soldier - a not-for-profit organization staffed by a core group of 50 volunteers with approximately 569, 000 supporters from 117 countries.

Working with base chaplains and other community leaders, The Rogers family also sends its own care packages to some of the thousands of troops who have written the company to request additional items such as toothpaste, socks and other sundries.

During a past holiday season, the 33-year-old company organized a Letters to Our Troops contest in which heartfelt letters of thanks were enclosed with care packages to troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The troop-support programs are among the Rogers Family Co.s social and environmental projects that help people and protect nature in local communities and those thousands of miles away. In cooperation with farmers, partners and customers, the companys Community Aid program has completed hundreds of social and environmental projects in the coffee-growing regions of Latin America, Africa and Mexico in the last three decades. Projects include building schools, thousands of modern housing units as well as medical facilities and day care centers for workers. The company also protects myriad bird and wildlife species and has preserved thousands of acres of habitat in coffee growing regions.



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    Thank you for your generousity! The troops have left Iraq and I’ve been on the receiving end of bags of San Francisco French Roast. I don’t think there was enough 220 volt coffee grinders around : )

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