The Rust Trust - Our Fight Against A Coffee Killer


The Rust Trust is an endeavor to replace 50,000,000 coffee trees in the regions affected by Roya. We have started the effort in Chiapas, Mexico.

The Rogers Charitable Trust has contributed:

  • $451,957.00 equaling
  • 1,175,000 trees on
  • 293 hectares of land

The Power of Fungus

Death is a way of life, not just for humans, but for all living things. Coffee trees are no exception, and in this case, this fungus will not only kill the coffee plant, but it will destroy the lives of those humans caring for the doomed trees.

Enter ROYA.

Coffee Rust Roya

What is ROYA?

Coffee Rust or Roya, is a fungus which causes powdery yellow spots to appear on the leaves. The leaves eventually turn brown and fall. Severe defoliation by Coffee Rust weakens the coffee plant, reduces yield and can eventually kill the coffee plant.

A Little ROYA History Lesson

Roya first appeared in Sri Lanka in 1869 – (fact: Sri Lanka no longer produces coffee.)  This fungus normally attacked coffee farms at lower altitudes, but last year it caused major damage on high altitude, high quality coffee farms in Mexico, Central America and Peru.

Estimated Losses from 2012 and 2013 Crops

Rust Trust


With every purchase of Rogers coffee you are helping us fight Roya. The Rogers family commitment to ridding coffee farms of the fungus is unwavering, and when you purchase coffee from us, you are contributing to our ability to fight Roya and restore financial security for the coffee farmers.


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