A Salute To The Inventor Of The Cup Holder

To the person who invented the cup holder, and on behalf of all of humanity, Thank You.

Before the cup holder, going for a ride meant jumping on your horse and riding. Boring. Then someone said, hey it would be great to not need real horses for horse power. BOOM! Cars. And then BOOM BOOM BOOM, the cup holder.

Now going for a ride means cruising the strip with your choice beverage or taking a long Sunday drive along the coast with that perfect iced latte secured safely in one of your 23 cup holders.


Today is Go For A Ride Day. A day meant to get people outside and celebrating the ability to get moving.

Where will you go today?

  • The coast
  • The mountains
  • The Strip
  • The country

Wherever you go, make sure to have your cup holders filled and riding in style. Check out these travelling companions.

The SFB Steel Commuter Mug

The Travel Tumbler Mug

The Spirit Tumbler

The Rogers Family Steel Travel Mug

The Organic Coffee Company Steel Commuter Mug



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