San Francisco Fleet Week Is On


Did you know that U.S. Military has saved more lives in humanitarian efforts than all NGOs combined?

That's an amazing achievement and this weekend in San Francisco you can learn all about military humanitarian efforts and so much more.

  • Ship Tours
  • Concerts
  • Art Show
  • Fireworks
  • Parades
  • Air Show with the Blue Angels

Our Small Contribution

Over the last year we have donated coffee to over 47,000 individual sailors on 27 ships, and that number is climbing.

Thank you again for your support. I received your package in the mail last night on shift. Y’all are too generous. I was not expecting so much of it. I am a helicopter mechanic and work in a hanger. So there are many troops and any given time. I passed out 3 of the bags y’all sent and kept 2 for my platoon. When I arrived to work this evening, I’ve already had many people asking what coffee it was and where I got it from. Needless to say, your company name and the brand you sent have been passed around like wild fire.

Andrew -- U.S. Army

History of SF Fleet Week

San Francisco Fleet Week (SFFW) began in 1981 when then Mayor Diane Feinstein led the nation in celebrating America’s sea services.

Taking place every October on the Marina Green over Italian Heritage Weekend, SFFW’s air show, parade of ships and many community events have become a significant and integral part of the city’s local culture and economy.

As the largest and most significant event of its kind in the nation, SFFW features a unique training and education program that brings together civilian and military forces to develop and share best practices in humanitarian assistance and emergency disaster response.

Consistently attracting millions of visitors, creating important and lasting relationships for its partners, and generating over 10M in annual revenue for the city, SFFW is now recognized by the United States Department of Defense as the model for fleet weeks across the country.

Learn more here:

Why It's Important

As Mike Rowe says in the promotional video on the San Francisco Fleet Week website,

Fleet Week gets citizens engaged and it pulls military and civilian resources together like never before.

What You Can Do

One simple and enjoyable way the San Francisco Fleet Week website has provided you a chance to contribute is through their "Buy A Burger For A Sailor" program. You can choose from as low as $8.00 to as high as $150.00 and of course all the donations are tax-deductible.

Next time you see a soldier, say thanks. It's a small gesture, but it says a lot.


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  1. John Dusch 24 October, 2014 at 08:53 Reply

    I have been drinking coffee since I was a little boy. I remember sitting at my grandmothers table in the morning with her having a cup of coffee, God I Miss those days. I have been a coffee drinker ever since, and one thing I truly enjoy is a cup of coffee that has some taste to it. I have discovered your San Francisco blends to be very tasteful, bold and smooth. Great Job! I am also impressed with your sponsorship of Fleet Week, being a retired U. S. Coast Guardsman I would also like to say “Bravo Zulu” for a job well done.

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