Unhappy Customer

The Short Story Of An Unhappy Customer

The following is a blog post from an unhappy customer who experienced what real customer service feels like. 

I don’t do well without coffee.  It’s not debilitating, but it’s not particularly pleasant either.  This is the brief story of running out of coffee and finding customer service.  Recently, as all stories about running out of coffee begin, we ran out of coffee.

It wasn’t a particularly momentous occasion, and the only detail worth retelling is that we went out a bought a new brand to replace it, San Francisco Bay Coffee.  I bought it because it said Espresso right there on the box, which I assumed meant more caffeine.


It's also important to the telling of this story to note that in the office we have a Kuerig single cup brewer, so the coffee comes in small K-Cups. Now these new San Franciscan K-Cups seemed to slide into the machine as nicely as you would expect, but they wouldn’t brew.  The machine made all the satisfying gurgles and bubbles, but then just a sad, exasperated gasp and an empty cup.

I was pretty mad – caffeine starved mad, which is a blurry and unfocused anger.  So I did what I never do, I logged onto the company’s website to talk to customer service. I found their contact page on the site and called the number.

Instant Nice Person Just Add Coffee

I talked to a woman in customer service, she asked me a few basic questions and asked if I would mind if her manager could call me back.  I gave her my number, half assuming that this was the last I’d hear from our friends on the West coast.  But a few minutes later her manager called me back.  He figured out the problem was a bad fit on the inner-pod-holder, and instead of apologizing or suggesting that I buy a new machine, he shipped me the part that I needed to use his coffee – for free.  And he threw in a free box of coffee for my trouble.  When it arrived in the mail a few days later I was amazed.

Amazed that he sent it, amazed at the company’s dedication to the honest-to-goodness meaning of customer service.  And I was amazed at the power of something as simple as the contact page on a website.

Now a good contact page without a good contact is worthless.  And a good contact without a good company standing behind him is powerless.  But I’ll tell you, when you have all three together, that really wakes you up.

(This post is the first in our series promoting Gross Local Happiness – we’re going to try to do some good out there, and when others do some good, we’re going to talk about it. So go buy some coffee from these guys at San Francisco Bay Coffee, they’re doing the right thing.)

Check out his blog at http://www.llewellyncreative.com/blog/


The Rogers Family Company is dedicated to our customers and their happiness. If you have a great customer service story let us know in the comments.


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