Behind The Scenes: Coffee Cupping With Ed

Cupping Coffee

Here at Rogers Family Company, we taste each of our coffees to get a complete picture of its acidity, body, aroma, feel, flavor and aftertaste. These characteristics are added to other factors when we determine if the coffee is up to our standards.

Green Cupping - the evaluation of coffee before roasting to ensure quality and consistency.

Cupping green coffee is vital to our process of ensuring you get consistent tasting coffee from year to year.  Whether you buy San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser or Donut Shop Blend, you want to know that the flavor will be the same each time. Green Cupping is how we are able to guarantee it.

With each new sample, we follow the same process:

  1. Examine the beans for certain quality characteristics.
  2. Grind and smell each coffee for aroma.
  3. Brew the coffee and let stand for (4) four minutes.
  4. Cup the coffee - slurping coffee to determine flavor characteristics.
  5. Score the coffee - three Quality Assurance technicians cup all the coffees and give them a score out of 100.

A critical element of our cupping process is during the scoring session. Each technician independently scores each coffee, and MUST NOT indicate their opinion to the others.

No facial twitches, no blood curdling screams, no oohs or aahs. We want each cupper to experience the coffee from the most unbiased approach possible.

After each coffee has been scored by each of the technicians, a discussion of scores is allowed.  This is when a summary score is applied, and a coffee is either approved or not.

Do you want to learn more about cupping and see more videos like this one? Tell us in the comments below so we know you are interested in seeing more, and more you shall have.



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