Snail Mail Still Has Power | Rogers Family Company Customer Story


Who Says The Postal Service Is Dead?

In a "real-time" world, it is easy for us to forget that not to long ago, correspondence took time. The 24 hour news cycle wasn't even a consideration, and the idea of receiving a message from the ether on a handheld device was truly science fiction. Yet here we are, inundated with messages from all sorts, at all times of the day. Like Pavlov's dogs, we drool when a device dings, peeps or sings and we are all too eager to drop the task at hand to discover what bit of information has just arrived.

That's why it really is a genuine treat to receive a piece of correspondence via the good old USPS and even more so, when that correspondence is in the form of praise.

This particular letter was sent to us by a new customer.


Even though Paul will never see this post, we want to thank him publicly for taking the time to write us and for expressing his appreciation for our coffee.



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