The Story Of Kahlua, Coffee & The Creator


While there is no specific origin story for putting Kahlua in coffee, there is a pretty good story of the creators of Kahlua.

Back in 1937, a 20 year old dude named, Álvaro Domecq, took over his family wine business after his father passed. Since then, the world has fallen in love with all things Kahlua.

Heard of a White Russian and a dude named The Dude? He shall abide.

Anyway, this guy Alvaro had an amazing life.

Here are just some highlights.

  • He was a true Spanish aristocrat
  • He was a successful pilot in General Franco’s air force,
  • He was an eminent horseman,
  • A breeder of fighting bulls and
  • A respected torero,
  • A mayor of Jerez under Franco,
  • A deputy in the parliament and
  • A fervent member of Opus Dei.

He died in 2005.

With such a busy life, when did he have time to work?

Whether he did the work or not, Kahlua spread around the world and became the liqueur for many drinks like a, B-52, Baby Guinness, Black Russian, Mudslide, White Russian, and Spanish Coffee.

Did you know?

Kahlua itself is pretty darn old, they started making it in 1936, AND it is actually made with Arabica coffee, making it a caffeinated liqueur. Double Buzz.

We don't know if adding Kahlua to coffee was by accident, a bartender experiment, or by design from the creators, and it doesn't matter. This special coffee laced liqueur has become a go-to fave for the coffee lovers of the world, when the caffeine buzz alone doesn't cut it.

We Shall Abide - recipe

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