The 7 Most Unique Coffee Names You've Ever Heard

People just love to come up with different names, and those folks in Hollywood take the baby naming game to a different level.

  • North West
  • Apple
  • Royal Reign,
  • Cricket,
  • Rainbow Aurora,
  • Breeze Beretta, and
  • Bear Blu

These are just a few of the craziest names I've ever heard.

Coffee is no different. Coffee Roasters are always trying to change the game, get your attention and sometimes make you turn your head and go "uh...oh!"

We really love our Fog Chaser variety name, pretty good right?

Here are 7 of the most unusual coffee concoction names we could find. Some are spot on, others are just weird.

7 Unique Coffee Drink Names

A Flat White gets its name because of the thin micro foam layer, as opposed to a thick layer in a cappuccino. This drink was actually invented back in the 70's in Australia. Don't let that Star company fool you.

It's prepared by pouring creamy steamed milk from the bottom of the jug more than a single shot of espresso producing a lighter froth.


Guillermo "was created with one particular or two shots of hot espresso, poured above slices of lime or on ice occasionally served with a touch of milk."


Libbylou is a hot espresso created with equal parts mocha and white mocha topped with espresso and steamed half and half. It is served plain without foam.


Mary Turner Coffee is just a bit of milk, three sweeteners, and the rest coffee.


A Red Tux is a Zebra Mocha with raspberry flavoring.


Zebra Mocha, is a standard mocha with a mixture of white & dark chocolate.


Red Eye is a dripped coffee with a single shot of espresso to break you out of that "red eye" state in the early AM.



Know any other weird names for coffee drinks? Tell us in the comments.


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