Use Rogers Family Coffee For Fundraising Efforts and Events

Fundraising can be no fun! We know, because we've been there in the trenches of many a church or little league fundraising drive. Many fundraising companies offer very little profit for you on each product sold, the products require refrigeration or special handling, and many of their products are frankly, bad for your customers' waistlines. Cookies? Cookie dough? Chocolates? Oh my. That's why we decided to offer our gourmet coffee for fundraising.

Rogers Family Coffee

Our Gourmet Coffees are Perfect for Fundraising. We believe our gourmet coffee are perfect for fundraising, and here's why.

  1. 50% Profit – You earn 50% profit margin on each bag of our coffee sold, so your fundraising efforts will go much farther than with other companies that offer only 20% or 30% margin.
  2. Everyone Loves Gourmet Coffee – Coffee consumption remains strong, with 52% of adults over the age of 18 drinking a coffee beverage daily, and gourmet, organic coffee is the fastest growing segment of the coffee market. The National Coffee Association reported that in 2002, the average gourmet coffee household will used two 12-ounce bags of gourmet coffee per month.
  3. Our Coffee is Socially and Environmentally Responsible – The Rogers Family Company's mission is to provide extraordinary coffee at great prices while helping people and the environment through our Community Aid program. Through this program, the Rogers have built schools, built worker housing, provided children's meal programs, established medical clinics, and encouraged shade grown and organic coffee farming in their source coffee communities. A portion of each purchase of the Rogers Family Company products goes toward funding these programs. So not only will your customers get to enjoy delicious, gourmet coffee, but they will be making a difference with every purchase. We can provide brochures and other information on our Community Aid program for your fundraising campaign.
  4. Coffee is Better for Your Customers' Waistlines – If you're like us, you bemoan the day that the local Girl Scout troop shows up at your door. You order 4 boxes of thin-mints, and then are faced with eating them all when they're finally delivered.
  5. Coffee Requires No Refrigeration or Special Handling – Your fundraiser distribution can be done at your convenience and without fear of needing special storage conditions.
  6. We Offer Well-priced, Distinguished Packaging, and Holiday Samplers – If you prefer, we can also help you design a custom label.
  7. Free Shipping on Orders over $500.00 – Orders under $500 require a 3% delivery charge. Allow 3-4 weeks for order processing and delivery.

Ready to use our coffee for fundraising? Give us a call at 1-800-829-1300, and we'll send you more information. Then we can work together for a customized fundraising plan.

Rogers Family Coffee




  1. Marion Curtis 22 May, 2018 at 18:34 Reply

    Would like to do a coffee fundraiser for El Morro Nazarene Church in Los Osos, who sponsors 1,800 Operation Christmas Child Boxes through Samaritans Purse. We need 10,000 dollars and am hoping to get a thousand this way. Would like info on doing this. Thank you very much

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