Wake Up, Smell Coffee Beans In Lincoln

Local News channel KCRA visits the new Rogers Family Coffee plant in Lincoln CA.

The family-owned and operated Rogers Family Company (RFC) is dedicated to making sustainably-farmed, fair and direct-trade gourmet coffee available to everyone at great prices by growing, importing and roasting the best coffee beans in the world.

Roasting millions of pounds of beans each year, the company is probably the nation's largest importer and roaster of Fairly Traded or Direct Trade coffee. Dedicated to being the world's most socially and environmentally responsible coffee company, the RFC purchases all of its coffee directly from farmers at higher than fair trade certified prices and establishes long-term relationships with them. The company runs a truly innovative and effective program called Community Aid that breaks the cycle of poverty and improves the environment in coffee communities around the world. Through the program, RFC has completed hundreds of social, environmental and educational programs to permanently break the cycle of poverty and protect nature. Unique for coffee roasters, the company also owns and operates seven organic farms in Mexico and Panama.

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