FROM THE WEB | $14,000 Coffee Machine. I mean, what!?! :)


My teachers always said I would use math everyday in my life, I just never thought my coffee maker would need an algorithm to function.

These two brothers from Philly were listening to their teachers and they put that knowledge into action.

According to

The Craft Brewer is a trophy-sized machine that looks like something between an espresso maker and the canister of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. You fill a pod with the desired ingredients (ground coffee, loose tea leaves, lemon slices, and so on) and select a pre-programmed recipe from the cloud-connected tablet affixed to the side. The machine then spits out the brewed coffee, tea, or flavored water in a matter of seconds.

The idea is great, the price tag not so much.

For a mere $13,250 you can have your very own smart brewer. :\

Private industry will take into space, hover boards exist and now we can buy a "smart" coffee maker. The future is apparently here, and it's super expensive.

Who's getting one?


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